July 18, 2009

It was a hot day and I am glad we had air conditioning tonight at the Terra Losa Seniors Centre in Edmonton, Alberta.  This is a great community hall that holds about 200 maximum and that is what we had for this wedding.  It is always great to play here the load in is pretty good with a ramp out the front door and a deck on 2 sides of the building with a great view of the lake.

Edmonton DJ

The M/C’s did a great job of leading the night.  One of the two M/C’s used to be a DJ and he had great microphones skills.

Dinner was very good; expect the caterer ran out of porgies for almost 15 minutes right at the end of the line.  And to make things worse they ran out of sour crème and ended up using did for those 10 of us left at the end of the line.  I am not it the caterer is a little new or everyone brought there appetite.

Speeches were very well done with the highlight being a PowerPoint slide show that the Maid-of-honor spoke throughout and it was hilarious the way she did it.  The bride and groom ended off speeches and they remember to thank me which is often over looked as I really have not done too much until this part of the night.

Edmonton DJ
Edmonton DJ

The dance started off with a traditional first dance and mother/son and father/daughter dance.  We ended the formal dances with the wedding party and then we were off to the races.  Even though it was one of the hottest days of the summer this year everyone dance the night away.  Being an Edmonton DJ is a great thing to be when everyone is willing to get out on to the dance floor you can create a great party and that is exactly how things played out that night. 

Edmonton DJ

The only thing is that they shut me down about 12:30 as the hall wants everyone out by 1:00 AM.  I was a little upset as no one wants to go home when they are having a good time and we for sure could have gone for another hour.

I would like to thank Deborah and Eric for going the extra distance.  On Monday I got a great phone call thanking me for helping create what they called a great evening where everyone that came had a great time. This really met a lot to me, THANX.

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  1. This is super awesome! I love that you got a video of the dancing! Thank you! We will for sure pass your name on! You did an amazing job.

    Deborah & Eric

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