Edmonton DJ for Leduc Junior High at the Denham Inn

December 18, 2009

It was great to be back with Leduc Junior High School for their winter formal.  This is one of my favorite functions to do each year.  I really enjoy doing school dances as the kids just love to dance and have fun, I wish my adult parties were more like this.

Edmonton School DJ

The staff at Leduc Junior High again show what great people they are.  This is an outing where the students must be dressed appropriately, no blue jeans allowed.  First, they all go to a movie at the local theater and then come to the Denham Inn in Leduc for a semi-formal lunch followed by a dance.  Mrs. Ponich was telling me that when they got to the movie theater that some staff did not make in that morning and some of the students that work there on a part-time basis jumped in too fill those spots to allow the function to go that much better.  This really shows the quality of the students at Leduc Junior High.

Leduc School DJ   Edmonton School Dance

The students and staff all arrived about 11:30 am to the the Denham Inn and even though it was a bit cold outside everyone was in good spirit and everyone really seemed to be enjoying themselves.  Everyone was very well dressed and not a hair was out of place.  Lunch was served buffet style and it was a good mix of Chinese food.

School Dance in Leduc

Right after lunch we jumped straight into the dance and we started out with some songs from their social dance program at the school  Dancing is such an important party of our adult life and knowing how to dance is a great thing to know.  As and Edmonton DJ I have been with Leduc Junior High for years and I am always surprised how enthusiastic the students are when it comes to social dancing.  In fact, more kids were on the dance floor for the social dances then for the top 40 dance hits.  Even funnier, is that a lot of the requests were for more songs that were “older” like the “YMCA” and “Macarena”.

DJ Edmonton School Dance

There were lots of door prizes, good food and dancing for everyone.  I really enjoyed myself and hope I have the privilege of being able to come back again and again.  One of the staff at the Denham Inn stated during setup that she still remembers coming to this event and stood out as a great memory from her junior high school days.

Please see the enclosed video below for some highlights of the day.

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