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September 12, 2009 – Dana & Graham

As an Edmonton DJ, the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald is a the place I both love and hate.  I love everything about this venue expect for getting into and out of this location.  If you can image, a 100 year old building was not really designed for all that we ask of it in this day and age.

Fairmont Hotel MacDonald

Once you get into the hotel you soon forget about the load in and again you are over taken by the grandeur of this beautiful and historic building.  Combine this with the finest hotel staff in the city and you have all the elements needed to create an unforgettable day.

Hotel MacDonald Wedgewood Room

Hotel MacDonald Wedgewood Room Ceremony

Both the ceremony and reception were held in the Wedgewood room of the hotel MacDonald.  It was a beautifully decorated ceremony with all the chairs wrapped in chair bags which were supplied by Elegant Touches.  There was also a 4 piece quartet which filled with air and that just added to a beautiful ceremony.  The ceremony started almost on time and went off without a hitch.  The justice of the peace was very well spoken and also very entertaining.  Her lighthearted approach put everyone at ease and made ceremony that much better.  The young ring bearer stole the show when the justice of the peace asked who carried the rings and without hesitation the young ring bearer yelled out “I do”.

Edmonton Hotel MacDonald Wedgewood Room

Dana and Graham took it all in stride and would like no one else was in the room except for them.  It was great to watch two people that really have a connection with each other get married.  Being an Edmonton disc jockey I have witnessed a lot of ceremonies over the years.  This was truly one of the best.  The ceremony was followed by a dove release on the patio of the hotel MacDonald.  The bride and groom and their son together opened the birdcage and with a little help the doves flew off.

The ceremony was followed by champagne, a toast to the bride and groom, and lunch.  The guests visited and enjoyed a great meal until about three o’clock in the afternoon.

Hotel MacDonald Garden

The staff at the hotel MacDonald then proceeded to flip the room over.  There’s a lot of work that needs to be done in a very short period of time to convert the room from a ceremony set up to a reception setup.  The room was then again open to the guests at six o’clock for the reception.

Hotel MacDonald Bride and Groom

Just before the reception the bride and groom took some additional family pictures in the garden.  Their photographer was Nicole Fast of Nicole Fast Photography.

What surprised me the most on this night was the fact some of the guests were not dressed appropriately for a facility of this caliber.  I counted three pairs of blue jeans and one person was wearing hiking boots, shorts, a white T-shirt and an army vest.  Neither the jeans nor the shorts are appropriate attire for any wedding and especially a wedding being held at the hotel MacDonald.

Hotel MacDonald Wedgewood Room Dinner

At about seven o’clock dinner was served and we enjoyed, a buffet style, meal that was amazingly well done.  There are four different types of salads, sliced meats, turkey, potatoes and the best chicken I think I have ever had.  Dinner was followed by desert and then speeches.

Hotel MacDonald Gift Table

The master of ceremonies did a great job, he was funny and entertaining right from the get-go.  The formal speeches were all very short and sweet and were capped off with the bride and groom saying there thank you’s.

Hotel MacDonald Table Setup

Fairmont Hotel MacDonald DJ Setup

Just after nine o’clock we got the dance started with the bride and groom leading the way just like every other function.  This has been a very funny year for first dances.  Almost every single wedding I have done this year, the bride and groom have chosen a song that is not as well known.  We then had a song for the father and daughter followed by a mother son dance.

Hotel MacDonald First Dance

Starting with only about 60 people generally makes my job, as an Edmonton DJ, harder.  I was very happy that we had quite a bit of dancing most of the night.  We also went right through until 1 a.m.  There were a good number of requests which made my job a little easier for such a small crowd.  This really helped me hold him find what they liked as a format and play within that format.

Hotel MacDonald Garter Toss

It has been quite awhile since I’ve seen a wedding done this well.  Dana did a great job of planning her dream wedding from start to finish.  The bride and groom definitely did it right and did it with style, right down to the Lyndor  chocolates that were given as favors.

Hotel MacDonald Bouquet Toss

A special thanks goes out to Dana and Graham for having me be a part of such an important day.  And thanks for letting me do my job without tying my hands behind my back.

Hotel MacDonald at Night

Please see the below video for highlights of Dana and Graham’s special day.

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  1. Thank you so much for putting that together for us! Its really nice to see some pictures because we don’t have any until the photographer gets ours back to us in a couple months. The little story you did to accompany the pictures was really appreciated too. You did an amazing job on the wedding night and you still managed to get people on the dance floor even with the patio tempting people with its gorgeous views. We will be recommending you to anybody in need of Edmonton dj services.

    Thanks again for being a part of our day, and take care!

    Dana & Graham

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